• Statement from Noam Bramson 12/30/2012

    Below is a statement from Noam Bramson in response to Ken
    Jenkins’ announcement today that he will be entering the race for
    Westchester County Executive:

    “The County
    election will have a profound impact on lives and communities
    throughout our region. With so much at stake, Democrats must
    nominate the candidate who is best prepared to run a competitive
    campaign and make the strongest case for our values.” “As the mayor
    of a complex and diverse community, I have brought people together
    to address difficult issues and know firsthand the critical
    importance of a coherent regional vision. Yet I am also able to
    take a fresh look at the County’s challenges and apply energy and
    innovation to our future.” “Democrats have good options to consider
    in the weeks ahead, and we will be fully united when a nominee is