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U.S. Conference of Mayors Backs CDBG Program

As I’ve previously noted here and here, the Community Development Block Grant (“CDBG”) program is a vital lifeline for cities all across America that provides for essential investments in human services, infrastructure, and economic growth. The Trump budget proposes significant cuts to CDBG (along with cuts to many other important investments), so I had no … Continue reading U.S. Conference of Mayors Backs CDBG Program

City Receives Proposals for 45 Harrison

The City is reviewing two exciting development options for 45 Harrison Street, the location of our downtown fire station.  Here’s a good summary from the Journal News describing the presentations made to the Council earlier this month. Back in January, New Rochelle issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) aimed at identifying a partner who could … Continue reading City Receives Proposals for 45 Harrison

Safer, Better Roads for Everyone

The 10-year capital budget approved by the City Council last December roughly doubles our annual investment in street improvements.  Beyond simply maintaining and repairing asphalt, however, the capital budget also makes an important commitment to redesigning New Rochelle’s street network, so that it is safer, more attractive, and more appealing for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists … Continue reading Safer, Better Roads for Everyone

New Rochelle Tops Diversity List

New Rochelle is one of the most diverse cities in America, according to this analysis from Wallethub, which was also picked up by Westchester Magazine.  We rank 6th among small cities and 18th overall. Wallethub’s methodology encompasses a variety of metrics, including income, race & ethnicity, educational attainment, birthplace, and other factors. I’ve always been … Continue reading New Rochelle Tops Diversity List


This afternoon, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives will vote to strip away health insurance from 24 million people, reduce the quality of health insurance for millions more, dramatically weaken protections for pre-existing conditions, and recklessly re-shuffle about a sixth of the American economy. They will do so in a chaotic rush, in … Continue reading Shame